April 27, 2018

April 27, 2018

Dear Parents,

Can you believe that May begins next week?  Where has this year gone?

Our week was met with some real excitement with the arrival of our new found friend, Landon, who joins us from California! The class was very welcoming and made him feel right at home.

This week in Math we learned about subtracting groups of ten from a two digit number. Most of the children did very well. You can help at home by practicing counting backward by 10’s from any number. For instance: 67, 57,47,37,27,17,7! This is not as easy as it seems. Additionally, many children struggle when they get to the twenties, to transition to the teens and single digit numbers.

In science and social studies we have been learning about Our Earth, the importance of tress and how to protect and take care of our environment.  Earth Day was on Sunday and Arbor Day is today! We have read multiple informational books and have done some writing on these topics as well.  Next, we are beginning a unit on Animals That Hatch From Eggs.  We will be doing research projects during the month as well.

The 4th and 5th graders are collecting loose change for their field trip in June.  We have started a good collection, thanks to Payton! If you have any to donate please send in with your child.  The winning class gets an ice cream party.


Enjoy the weekend,

Andi Cammer