December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017

Dear Parents,

We have been very busy this week in first grade. In ELA we worked on more strategies for word solving and we are learning about using more resources. Continue to encourage your child to use a strategy s/he knows to help when s/he gets stuck on a word. The Christmas Carols we have been learning have been a wonderful means of teaching vocabulary.  Some new words we have learned are Yuletide, apparel, don, troll, boughs, and kin. Ask your child about them.

In math we finished Unit 4 and will start Unit 5 which is called Addition Facts to 20. Continue to work with your child at home on both addition and subtraction facts. Most children still have to count on their fingers to solve basic facts.

We will be starting to make gifts for our parents next week.  If you can send any green or yellow split peas it would be very helpful for the gifts…I know it sounds weird but trust me, the gifts are beautiful! J  Our class is also in serious need of some paper towels if you would like to contribute.

I will open our Card Making Station next week. Be prepared to receive piles of cards from your children over the next two weeks. Also, if they bring home cards they made for others in your family, please be sure to send them.

I would like to have a First Grade Caroling Night on Tuesday, December 19, at 6:00pm. We will meet at the school, walk around town and sing some carols and then come back to the school for some hot chocolate and cookies.  I invite all of the first grade families to join us if you are able.  Dress appropriately and bring a flashlight (adults only) if you have one. 

The Coupon Books Fund Raiser that went home from the JCS Parent Group were due today. If you didn’t return your book and are not ordering, please do so on Monday so you are not charged

Have a great weekend

Andi Cammer