February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018


Dear Parents of ______________________,


Our 100 Day celebration will take place on Tuesday, February 13th.  As in past years, we will focus on activities that revolve around the number 100!  At home, children will create a collection of 100 things to bring in and share.  The collection can be anything that your child can count him/herself.  You may assist but the purpose is to reinforce the child’s ability to count a large group of objects to 100.  Please don’t send collections before 100 Day, as we don’t have the room to store them.  If possible, send your child’s collection in a Gallon Sized Ziploc Baggie.


We will need a few things to get our celebration started.  Please send in the item(s) checked off below by the date indicated:

  • 1 Bag GUMMY Lifesavers ®   - By FRI 2/9
  • Box of Fruit Loop® type cereal- By FRI 2/9
  • Package Fudge Striped Cookies  By FRI 2/9
  • Cups – Mon 2/12
  • Small white paper plates – Mon 2/12
  • Napkins – Mon 2/12
  • Box Graham Crackers By FRI 2/9
  • Ginger ale – Mon 2/12
  • Fruit punch – Mon 2/12

a100 collection – ON 100 DAY!  Do not send earlier. We do not have room to store them


As you know, it is also Valentines week so please do not send in items earlier.  Our rooms do not allow for the storage of so many things.



Ms. Snyder


Mr. Hicks