February 9, 2018

February 9, 2018

Dear Parents,

We had a very productive week in school as we have been working very hard.  In math we completed our Numeration Unit and will focus on math that revolves around 100 next week (with a little valentine graphing thrown inJ). After break we will begin Unit 8 which focuses on Place Value.  In SS we are learning about the Olympics.  In science we have been learning about light and shadows.

Reminder: If you are sending Valentines with your child next Tuesday, your child should be the person writing the cards out.  It is good for your child to practice writing his/her friends’ names.  Trust me, I know it might be easier for an adult to do it, but this too is a learning experience for your child.  I suggest that if you haven’t already done so, you have your child begin as soon as possible and do a few cards each night to make it easier on all of youJ.  I sent our list last week. 

Please remember that we will celebrate the 100th day of school next week as well.  All that information came home earlier in February.  Start helping your child get his/her 100 collection together as soon as possible and please remember to send the requested items next week if you haven’t already. Collections don’t come until Friday.

February break is approaching. Please review all the spelling words we have worked on so far.  You can find that on our webpage, along with the sight words “Words-to-Know” that the students are responsible for to date.

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend,

Andi Cammer