We will have our Halloween Parade on Tuesday, October 31st  at 1:30 at the school.  The children will march around town, led by the JCS school band. (If it rains we will be in the gym.)  We will then have a snack in our room. 


The children may NOT wear their costumes to school.  They need to bring them in a bag with their names on them.  We will begin to get dressed at about 1:15pm.  Please don’t arrive earlier as we will be working up until that time. 

As far as costumes go…any VERY scary or gory (bloody) costumes should be saved for your own trick-or-treating time and not for our school time.  Some children are very afraid of scary costumes. In the past, I have had children leave for the day because they were too afraid and I would like to make this fun for everyone. And as a reminder, there are no weapons (even pretend) allowed in the school. I appreciate your help with this.


If you would like to contribute something to our party, please indicate below your preference.  Please don’t send candy to be eaten at the party; they will get enough of that on Halloween. If you’d like to send a special treat for each of the kids to take home that would be fine, too.


  • qHalloween cups
  • qHalloween napkins
  • qHalloween Plates
  • qDrink
  • qcookies
  • qOther snack __________________



Child’s Name______________________________


Please return by Friday, October 27th if you are interested in contributing.

Remember…No Peanut snacks of any kindJ