January 8, 2018

January 8, 2018

Dear Parents,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  The first grade has started 2017 off with a BANG!  The children returned to school relaxed and ready to work this week. As a result, we jumped back into our studies with both feet. Overall, the class was well behaved and worked hard.

Because of the snow day on Friday, this letter is coming to you today, Monday. The day off also interrupted our schedule for Friday spelling tests and other assessments.  As a result, the students practiced last week’s words today and will have their test tomorrow. I will also be administering end-of-quarter assessments this week and will also be in some out-of-classroom meetings, so today will be the only day the kids bring home a Reading Baggie.

We discussed Resolutions as part of our Social Studies lessons this week.  The children made some very thoughtful and sincere resolutions for themselves. Ask your child about his or hers.

This week we reviewed reading strategies.  I am continuing to work with the children to get them to use these strategies independently.  The Morning Message (the letter I write to the children most mornings) is now on regular sized paper rather than on the classroom chart and it is a wonderful way for you to hear your child read.  Please make this a part of your evening routine.  It will help your child with fluency and it will help you keep up on what’s happening in our room. There was no message today as the kids had music first thing.

This week we are finishing a unit in math on higher level addition facts. We worked on many concepts including adding 3 numbers.  Please continue to practice these skills at home to build fluency.  Next week we move on to Subtraction Facts to 20 and this will include fact families.

Please be sure your child has boots and snow clothes for recess.  Your child can leave a pair of sneakers in his or her locker if it helps to have less to carry back and forth.  They cannot, however, leave their snow clothes here as there is nowhere to store them and allow them to dry each night.


Andi Cammer