October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017

Dear Parents,

We continue to work along here in first grade. Some of the content is getting a bit harder.  Please assist your child at home by reviewing things that are sent home daily in their Take-Home folders.


Thank you to all who are working hard at home on the assignments in the reading bags. 

They are different for each reading group, as each group is working at different levels and on different skills.  Please assist your child as needed but be sure s/he is the one completing the assignments. This includes writing his/her name, the date, the actual writing and especially the drawing and coloring of pictures.  A number of students have come in over the past few weeks with work that has obviously been done by an adult.  Understand that when this happens the child will need to redo the work on his own at recess. In addition, please do not allow your child to do the work in pen.  If you need a pencil please let me know and I will send one in the baggie for you.  Please remember to send EVRYTHING that was in the bag back the next morning in the baggie.  I ask that you not return it in the Take-Home folder as things get mixed up.  Also, please put ALL correspondence and money in the Take-Home folder.  Many children are searching for notes and money in their back-packs.


Our Halloween parade is Friday at 1:30.  Please remember that your child must carry his/her costume to school in a bag and may not wear it to school that day.  As far as costumes go, I request that any VERY scary or gory (bloody) costumes be saved for your own trick-or-treating time and not for our school time.  Some children are very afraid of scary costumes. In the past, I have had children leave for the day because they were afraid and I would like to make this fun for everyone. Also… there are no weapons allowed in the school parade. I appreciate your help with this.


We will begin getting ready at 1:15pm for the parade. We are not doing a “big thing” as the children will have enough excitement later in the evening. We will have a Halloween snack and watch a movie before they go home. If you are signing your child out after the parade or snack you will need to do so in the office. If your child is not planning to stay for CROP on Halloween please send a note in the morning. It will be much easier for the office to keep track of if we have the information ahead of time.


Have a SPOOKY week!

Andi Cammer