September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017

Dear Parents,


Our first day was terrific!!  This class is ready to work! We had fun seeing our friends and doing a few projectsJ.  I look forward to working with you and your child this year.  Students have a new Take-Home folder in their backpacks, which will be brought back and forth each day.  All correspondence needs to be put in this folder; which includes ALL notes, bus notes and money. This will help avoid problems.


Again this year the children can purchase snack milk if they choose it.  Milk is 40 cents per day.  Please send in $2.00 each week (or less for short weeks) in the small envelope we send home for milk. We have included your child’s name and grade on the envelope as well.  We have credited some of you with left over milk money from last year.  If you do not wish to purchase milk for our snack time, you may send something else. No bottles (plastic or glass) or cans will be allowed unless they have a pull top. There are too many spills. Due to the many food issues and allergies we have encountered over the past few years, each child will be responsible for his/her own snack each day.  Please put a small snack in your child’s lunch box or backpack for the afternoon. We do not have room in our class to hold snacks for children.  Please do not send extra snacks with your child to leave here as they cannot leave them in their lockers either.  Children are not permitted to go to the snack machine during the day.


I will be sending more information home this week regarding our six day schedule and other things.  The students do have P.E. (gym) everyday.  Please be sure your child has sneakers.  You can leave a pair in the locker if need be but it is much easier if they wear their sneakers rather than change each day as most of the children cannot yet tie their own shoes. I do not collect library books from the children in first grade.


I sent home any extra supplies people purchased that were not needed for first grade.  Please keep those things at home and use when homework begins.


Book orders are being sent today. Please consider purchasing online with our classroom code...H973W or make checks payable directly to Scholastic.



Andi Cammer