Liberty Partnerships Program

What is the Liberty Partnerships Program?

LPP was formed in 1988 with funding by the New York State Legislature through the NYS Education Department and currently serves nearly 12,000 students across New York State.

Since its inception  at Jefferson CSD, this partnership between SUNY Cobleskill, NYSED, and the Jefferson Central School district has provided a variety of services meant to motivate students to successfully complete high school and go on to post-secondary education and meaningful employment.

Together with parents, community-based agencies, and local businesses, the Liberty Partnerships Program helps students take full advantage of their potential by providing services that:
  • Aim to close the performance gap
  • Enhance personal and social development through skill building activities
  • Teach students to identify and work toward healthy goals
  • Provide academic support via tutoring and advocacy in the school
  • Encourage students to develop a deeper sense of community through service projects
  • Raise college and career awareness and access through exploration and immersion
  • Motivate the pursuit  of success through education and mentoring

To see what the students enrolled in Liberty at Jefferson CSD have accomplished this year, please look over our monthly newsletters and photo albums.

Important to Rising Juniors and Seniors:

Financial Aid

The Excelsior Scholarship is NOW open for the 2018-19 academic year. Apply now! Private College? The Enhanced Tuition Assistance (ETA) program is the private college equivalent, check here to see if your college participates. FAFSA and TAP are still open for the 2018-19 Year. If you'll be going to college for the 2018-2019 academic year make sure to complete your FAFSA and TAP applications. If you have already completed them remember to update your application once your/your parents have completed tax returns.

​Set your college list
Not sure where you want to apply this fall? Start by thinking of 3 things you'd want to study or do for a career. Then look up SUNY schools and schools that use the Common App which offer what you are interested in. This worksheet can help your organize all of this.

Rolling Deadlines
Find the scholarships for you at Scholarship Directory. It's never to early to start!

Upcoming Events

April 24
SUNY Oneonta

Explore the offerings at SUNY Oneonta, go on a campus tour and engage yourself in a talk. There will be a discussion on meteorology as a major and the admissions process.

April 25
Academic Immersion in the Arts

A select number of students will sit in for the day at SUNY Cobleskill  to explore the major and its potential career paths.

May 8

Channel 10 News TV Station Tour, Albany
Watch a live news casting and get a chance to talk with staff behind the scenes before touring the studio. If video production, communications, journalism or media arts are your thing, then don't miss this one!

May 16
SUNY IT, Utica
Learn about the admissions process and requirements, tour the campus and be part of a talk on the Game Design and Computer Science majors!

May 30
SUNY Cobleskill
With a focus on equine studies and agricultural science, we will learn about college offerings and admissions requirements and tour the campus.