Mr. Jory's Classroom Page

Business Education 

The Business Education Department at Jefferson Central School has evolved over the years into a program offering a series of "hands-on" occupationally oriented courses.  The classes offered include; Web Design Basics, Business Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Business Law, Economics, and Accounting. 

The curriculum and course offerings have changed over the years to keep pace with current trends in technology and educational standards.  We've been offering a variety of Computer related classes over the years to prepare students for the technological demands of the modern workplace and college. Recently 

I added Personal Finance which will count as either a Business elective or third unit of Mathematics.

The Personal Finance Class will provide students with the fundamentals of personal financial management.  We will cover topics such as; banking, time management, financial planning, consumer credit, stocks and bonds, taxes, insurance, and career planning.

Business Applications class learns about computers literally "inside and out."  In addition to learning various business computer applications, students learn about all the hardware components so they can disassemble and reassemble a computer and troubleshoot problems.

The Web Design class learns how to create web sites using Adobe DreamWeaver, Front Page, HTML and Google Sites.  Throughout the course, they create web sites using a variety of themes and templates.  The past couple years we have been placing a particular emphasis on Google Integration with Google Sites.

The Economics class has moved from the Social Studies Department to the Business Department a number of years ago.  The students learn a variety of Economic Concepts relating to business and society.  The most important project is "The Game of Life."  The students take on the role of a working adult and must make realistic financial decisions for a person entering the workforce.