CengDr. Tarkan Ceng Superintendent
April 1st, 2019

Dear JCS Community:

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I compose this letter to you. I am both deeply humbled and honored to have been appointed as Jefferson Central School’s new Superintendent. Over the past month I have had the pleasure of getting to meet and speak with many of the members of our school community. The pride in our school and commitment to our students is evident. These visits have been informative and allowed me the opportunity to become better acquainted with who we are as a united group.

Over the next few months, I expect to work closely with Mr. Clooney, our teachers, staff, students and all those focused on providing the best educational opportunities for our students. While I am aware that we are working toward program improvements to more effectively accomplish our mission and meet the State Education Department’s expectations, I have confidence that our potential will get us there and beyond quickly.

With everything I have learned so far about about JCS, I have shared the following analogy with friends and colleagues about our District: Even the most perfect gem cannot demonstrate its brilliance without the proper light. It is our responsibility to shine this light so that we can demonstrate our potential and have it known to others the greatness that is our school and community.

Again, I am excited to have joined the JCS team and look forward to working together and celebrating our impending success.


Tarkan T. Ceng, Ed.D.