"Rolphie Fund"

"Rolphie Fund" Fundraiser
This is the image for the news article titled "Rolphie Fund" Fundraiser   On Friday, June 7, JCS faculty and staff participated in a "Rolphie Fund" fundraiser.  The "Rolphie Fund" is an organization that was created after the death of Rolph Karker who was killed in a a motorcycle accident a number of years ago.  He was quite an advocate of children in need and his family decided to start this organization in his memory. The fund is available to Schoharie County Schools, each receiving the same amount of money yearly, usually between $1,000 and $4,000.  That allows us, as a school of 191 students, to reach a great percentage of children in need and for that we are very grateful. This year we received a grant of $1,000.

This year, the faculty and staff decided to hold a fundraiser on June 7 to support this organization.  Faculty and staff were asked to contribute to the fund and encouraged to come to school dressed in motorcycle garb, or at least jeans and a black shirt in memory of Rolph Karker. Staff members with motorcycles were also encouraged to ride their bikes to school in  memory of Rolph. Superintendent, Dr. Ceng, Superintendent's secretary Dulcie Fowler, and cafeteria manager, Alesia Eppich all rode their Harleys to school today and are pictured in the photo below along with JCS faculty, staff, and students.