Mrs. McKissick's Classroom Page

"Onward" Through Fifth Grade

-Mrs. McKissick-

Onward | Disney Movies

This year, the 5th grade will use the movie "Onward" as the theme for the school year.  
A major change in fifth grade is the independence that is given.  Students are expected to keep track of work that needs to be completed and manage their time to get it completed.  We also use technology daily with the interactive whiteboard and Chromebook cart that is housed in the fifth grade room.

There is a lot to cover in the 5th grade curriculum.

ELA consists of the reading program Journey’s that has 30 lessons that take 5 days each.  Each lesson has heavy whole group instruction on Day 1, which introduces the reading strategy and skill, spelling rule, grammar focus, writing trait, and short story with 10 vocabulary words incorporated into the story.  Each lesson will wrap-up with a weekly test that includes questions on comprehension of the short story, grammar, vocabulary, and decoding skill for most lessons.  Students can make corrections to their test, quizzes, homework, and other papers for half credit.

Math this year we will continue using the NYS Math Modules.  There are 6 modules with 16 to 30 lessons each.  There is a lot to cover in the year but students will be much better mathematicians by the end of the year.  We will focus daily on critical-thinking skills and word problems.  The big shift this year is that students will read a word problem and will need decide what operation, strategies, and skills can be used to solve the problem.

Science consists of learning about the scientific method, measuring skills, solar system, properties of matter, ecosystems, and earth.

Social studies in 5th grade focuses on the Western Hemisphere (North and South America).  We will be working on our map skills, studying the United States, Westward Expansion, Civil War, and the development of civilizations in the Western hemisphere.

We do a lot of projects in science and social studies that relate to the topics being covered in class.  These projects help us gain a better understanding of the topic and allow us to work on teamwork, cooperation, and listening.