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ATTENDANCE:  From his or her very first day in Kindergarten and throughout a child’s entire school career, regular attendance and punctuality are important to each child. Good attendance habits formed in these years are essential to steady scholastic progress and will prove invaluable throughout life. The only legal excuses for absence or tardiness allowed under the Education Law are:

1.  Sickness
2.  Sickness or death in family
3.  Impassable or unsafe roads
4.  Religious observance
5.  Approved school-supervised trips
6.  Required presence in court

Absences or tardiness for any other reason are considered illegal and will be entered on the student’s permanent attendance record. Each student who has been absent must bring a written excuse from home the day following the absence.

SCREENING PROGRAMS: The screening programs in school include vision, hearing, physicals, BMI and scoliosis. Physicals are given to students in grades K, 2, 4, 7, and 10. In addition, all athletes are required to have physicals. Scoliosis screening is given to students ages 8-16. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine which, if untreated, can cause chronic back pain and deformity in future years. Parents are reminded that these programs are only screening programs and that a follow-up examination by a physician or an eye doctor is needed for full evaluation of the condition. Notices are sent to parents when a condition is suspected. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Musella if you receive a notice or have any questions.

In order to keep our student health records current, we request that parents notify Mrs. Musella if your child had a serious injury, disease or received an immunization over the summer recess. This will make our records more accurate and will be helpful in assessing your child’s needs.

Mrs. Joy Musella

School Nurse 

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