Letter from the Superintendent

Mr. Corey's Response to the Recent Daily Star Audit Article

22, 2016

 Dear community members,

An article was published in the Daily Star on Friday, January 22, 2016, titled "State scolds two local districts in audits". On behalf of the District and Board of Education we would like to take the opportunity to respond to some of the items written in the article.

This past summer, the Jefferson Central School District was contacted by the Office of the State Comptroller Division of Local Government and School Accountability to conduct an audit on the district's fiscal status. The audit process is an integral part of the government's system of "checks and balances" providing an objective, independent review of the district's program stewardship and fostering accountability to the citizens of New York.

The mission of the Division of Local Government and School Accountability is to serve taxpayers' interests by improving the fiscal management of local governments and schools in New York State. In order to achieve this mission, the goals of the Division of Local Government and School Accountability are as follows: 

    Enable and encourage local government and school officials to maintain or improve fiscal health by increasing efficiency and effectiveness, managing costs, improving service delivery, and accounting for and protecting assets.

    Promote government reform and foster good governance in communities statewide by providing local government and school officials with up-to-date information and expert technical assistance. (more)

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